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Cognitive impairment is prevalent, disabling and poorly managed among the 1 million Americans living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Indeed, 67% of adults with MS have cognitive impairment, particularly slowed cognitive processing speed (CPS), and this is associated with impaired learning and memory as well as fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain and quality of life.

The Behavioral Intervention for Physical Activity in Multiple Sclerosis-Cognition (BIPAMS-Cognition) study examines the effectiveness of  internet-delivered programs for lifestyle behavior change among persons with MS who have CPS impairment. We believe this study may identify accessible and translatable approaches for improving CPS among persons with MS.

  • Promote Health Behaviors

  • Improve Cognition

  • Strengthen Health and Wellness

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The BIPAMS-Cognition study consists of two different internet-delivered approaches for lifestyle behavior change for managing the consequences of MS and improving health indicators.

  • One program will focus on promoting physical activity, whereas the other program will focus on overall health and wellness in MS.
  • Eligible participants will be randomly assigned to one of the two programs.
  • This study consists of two phases over a 12-month period.

Participants will receive $50 in compensation via gift cards for completing the measures per measurement period for a total of $150.

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We are currently enrolling participants throughout the United States.

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Emily Barron

Project Coordinator